What’s going on in the CSGO Esports competitive scene right now?

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CSGO Esports

CSGO Esports,” also known as professional or competitive “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” has been very active in the esports community for over a decade now, with major events being held in front of live audiences and many more online.

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive match consists of two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, with each team attempting to eliminate the other. Much like any other first-person shooter game, a player can choose between different themed weapons that have varying degrees of damage and accuracy to suit varying playing styles. Additionally, players may utilize equipment such as grenades or night vision goggles to help gain the upper hand on their opponents.

These matches are often cast by professional players who provide commentary during the match, with them describing events as they unfold. They also take time after a round ends to discuss what took place and how it could have been done better, which helps beginners learn new skills to improve their own gameplay. 

Talking about CSGO Esports This year scene:-

This year, in particular, has been a very exciting one for fans of CSGO esports, with multiple big technic being held in quick succession, each with its own large prize pools and distinct storylines. Most recently, these include the ESL One: Cologne 2017, DreamHack Masters: Las Vegas 2017, and the ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017.

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In total, these three events have been held within a span of only six weeks. The most recent of which was also one of the biggest, with a prize pool for first place of $500,000 USD and a grand-final that saw a French victory over future champions, Danish team Astralis.

The next major CSGO esports tournament will be the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2017 in Katowice, Poland, which starts on February 25th and lasts until March 4th. The prize pool for first place is once again $500,000 USD.

Is CSGO Esports growing or not in todays scenario?

CSGO esports has been growing quickly over the past few years as more people discover the game and its competitive scene. With the recent influx of big-name tournaments, this is most likely just the beginning of what is yet to come.

This has been just one of many exciting events this year and, even as we speak, large tournaments such as the upcoming DreamHack Masters: Malmo 2017 are already well underway. Exciting times for CSGO esports fans indeed!

The Eleague Major was also incredibly notable for being the first major held by Valve to use a Swiss format in determining the winner, as well as featuring best-of-threes all the way to the finals, something that fans have been demanding for years.

What’s going on in the CSGO competitive scene right now?

(“The CSGO community gets more and more competitive every year, with more events being held all across the world and prize pools increasing along with it. Find out what’s been going on lately!”)

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Even this is only the beginning for all the fans of CSGO esports, though, as the year has only just begun right now, and there are still many more events to come. The Esports Championship Series (ECS) Season 3 finals will take place next month in Anaheim, California; the first world championship at E3 is also slated to feature CSGO; and then there’s the Valve-sponsored International or “The International” as fans have come to know it, being held this year in August.

As can be seen from the sheer number of events currently scheduled for 2017 alone, Valve’s recent decision to increase prize pools for CSGO tournaments has been well received by fans and players alike. However, I yet think that there’s a room for more improvement in terms of scheduling, especially considering how often we see rematches at big events and the fact that many teams must practice and compete on a near-constant basis.

Nonetheless, I believe it’s safe to say that CSGO esports has already had a very successful year thus far and will no doubt continue to impress players and fans alike.

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