How has globalization and technology affected the likelihood of cultural miscalculations in business relationships and communications?

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globalization and technology affect on communication and business

globalization and technology affect on communication and business


In an international setting, globalization and technology affect communication and business give the power to speak effectively is often a challenge. Even once each party speaks a similar language there will still be misunderstandings thanks to ethnic and cultural variations. Over the last decade, there are innumerable examples from the business that demonstrate however poor communication will cause poor structure performance.

Understanding the impact of the economic process on cross-culture communication is imperative for organizations seeking to make a competitive advantage within the international market.

Recent economic challenges additional highlight the necessity for organizations to develop the interior communication capability necessary to manage and monitor external threats. As society becomes a lot globally connected the power to speak across cultural boundaries has gained increasing prominence.

International businesses should perceive the way to communicate with staff and customers from totally different cultures so as to meet the organization’s mission and build price for stakeholders.

The utilization of technology has had a profound effect on however businesses communicate globally and market their product and services. However, with the advancements in technology organizations should still be cognoscente of the culture nuisances which will probably gift obstacles in making an attempt to extend profits and market share. in keeping with Genevieve Hilton,

“cultural proficiency does not imply memorizing each cultural refinement of each market. It’s knowing once to concentrate, once to elicit facilitate, and when—finally—to speak”.

For firms concerned with international business operations, the link between managers and subordinates in international companies is vital. In an analysis conducted by Thomas and Ravlin, it had been found that participants to whom position was a lot necessary indicated lower perceptions of similarity with the manager, lower intentions to associate, and lower perceptions of social control effectiveness.

The results of the study powerfully indicate that teaching members of various cultures to behave like associates with others is an ineffective approach to up intercultural interactions in business settings.

Focus ought to be placed on victimization individual variations to make innovation. coaching and development of people concerned in intercultural interactions ought to involve over merely promoting cultural adaptation

Communication is significant for businesses to effectively justify however their product and services disagree with their competitors. firms that are area units with success ready to communicate cross-culturally have a competitive advantage as a result of they will devote longer and resources to conducting business and less time on internal and external communication problems.

Communication is important for people to specific themselves and to meet basic wants. a similar holds true for businesses, governments, and countries.

while not having the power to speak and perceive one another, there would be chaos. Communication that’s supported cultural understanding is a lot apt to stop misunderstandings caused by personal biases and prejudices.

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To illustrate the importance of globalization and who technology affects communication and business impacts on building relationships globally contemplate the instance of us and the Republic of Korea. the link between these 2 countries is one designed upon an expensive history. In 1884, the US government became the primary foreign entity to buy property in the peninsula. Before now no foreigner was permissible to measure within the capital of South Korea.

Despite important cultural variations, the Republic of Korea and also the US are ready to develop a communication method that alternative countries ask for to copy. The yank Chamber of Commerce in the peninsula was established in 1953 with the chief purpose to push the advancement of trade and commerce between the peninsula and also the US. Article II of the Chamber’s constitution outlines the subsequent six objectives.

Six Objectives.

  1. To promote the event of commerce between us of America and Korea
  2. To promote live calculated to learn and defend the interests in the peninsula of member firms and voters of the United States;
  3. To represent, express, and provides a result to the opinions of the Chamber profession of us concerning trade, commerce, finance, industry, and connected questions;
  4. For collecting to evaluate, and circularise among its members’ applied math and alternative info regarding commerce or alternative undertakings of interest to them;
  5. For associating and work with alternative organizations sharing mutual interests;
  6. If need to do any and every one alternative thing incidental or associated with the attainment of the higher than objectives.

When countries area unit ready to exchange concepts Associate in Nursingd communicate in a society everybody advantages. Kathleen Stephens, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of the peninsula, summed it up by locution,

“We should use our shared interests and values to go with and rework every other’s growth”

The most purpose of this study is to develop a society communication model which will be applied by firms that communicate with staff from totally different cultures. The aim is to spot the steps that leaders of organizations competitive in a very international setting ought to contemplate once communication to totally different cultures.

This study uses a gaggle of school students taking part within the 2d peninsula America Student Conference (KASC) because the main analysis supply for making the model.

KASC is supported by the International Student Conferences, a non-profit organization placed in Washington, D.C., that sponsors student-run instructional and cultural exchange programs for university students from us, Japan, and the peninsula. The analyzers used a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to come up with the model.

A literary study review is conducted and structure samples of Samsung and Hyundai area unit thought of to demonstrate the impact of the economic process on cross-culture communication practices. The study conjointly highlights the action analysis methodology that was used to style the cross-culture communication model.

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lastly, the four C’s international Leadership Model is introduced to demonstrate however structure leaders will produce innovation in a very international setting by managing conflict, communication, creativity, and property.

2. Literature review

Research on society communication typically focuses on understanding however individual variations influence our ability to speak with others. Since most people get older among one culture having to move with others from a special culture or background will represent a challenge.

Exposure to totally different cultures affects our ability to speak with others in a very approach that results in positive outcomes.

Fink, Neyer, Associate in Nursingd Kölling propose that researchers concerned with social studies ought to develop an understanding of the interrelations between cultural dimensions, cultural standards, and temperament traits. This exaggerated awareness helps a private to manage their own social behavior additionally like that of others.

Reza Najafbagy refers to co-orientation, the power to acquaint all aspects of one’s own life in respect to somebody of a special culture, as a primary part of intercultural communication.

people that have known about totally different cultures area unit a lot of cognizant of the way to alter their communication vogue in order that others perceive the data they’re making an attempt to transfer.

An analysis conducted by Seak and Enderwick discovered the importance of providing society communication and coaching skills for expatriates allotted to foreign locations in significantly, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

Currently, over ever international organizations should make sure that their staff has the abilities needed to speak across cultural boundaries. society communication enhances innovation by allowing collective downside determination and also the open dissemination of data.


Hygroscopic Capability


Cohen Associate in Nursingd Levinthal outlines the term hygroscopic capability as an organization’s ability to spot and acknowledge the worth of the latest external info, absorb it, and implement it into their business operations. Organizations that perceive the importance of external info area units are higher ready to use their core competencies to make a competitive advantage.

Cross-culture communication enhances the Associate in Nursing organization’s hygroscopic capability as a result of it provides a brand new perspective for satisfying the wants of stakeholders.

Communication is that the life-blood of organizations and should be allowed to flow throughout the whole organization. However, once info flows area unit random and there’s no apparent directive of the way to apply the surface information the organization won’t profit.

Productivity decreases once structure leaders aren’t ready to communicate clear and pithy expectations. moreover, conflict and tension arise once staff doesn’t perceive however their personal efforts contribute to the success of the organization.

Culture will have an effect on however we tend to understand the actions of others. Ambassador Stephens gave the instance of a

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“cheerleading cluster from the Asian nation that was taking part in a very sports competition in the Republic of Korea. once the cluster was heading to the venue one in every one of the cheerleaders shouted for the stop. She then takings to urge off the bus within the rain to urge an ad of the North Korean leader that was obtaining wet. Why? sometimes, seventieth of American citizens would say it had been for show. seventieth of Koreans would respond that the cheerleader extremely felt something”.

Our perception of others directly affects however we tend to interpret their behavior and actions. Effective cross-culture communication needs that we tend to base our perceptions on facts and not simply on personal biases and prejudices.

The world Leadership and structure Behavior Effectiveness Project (GLOBE) examined cultural values of structure practices and leadership. The study focuses on characteristic cultural influences on leadership and management practices.

Some students believe that as society becomes a lot interconnected cultural variations can converge. Albeit some convergence could occur over time, countries can still maintain distinct cultural variations that may transcend technology and external influences.


Structure Objectives

Successful business leaders should be ready to balance structure objectives with external international challenges. As organizations become a lot interconnected the role of leaders in managing international groups is changing more and more necessary.

Having the ability to navigate through totally different cultural nuances may be a key ability for international leaders. Rabotin defines cultural intelligence as

“The ability to move with others from numerous cultural backgrounds, being responsive to our cultural values that drive our attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs”.

in spite of their geographic location leaders should be ready to communicate across borders so as to make a competitive advantage and succeed results. it’s clearly apparent that physical boundaries area unit more and more changing into clear.

A worldwide leader should remember their personal cultural biases and be willing to alter their opinions by learning from those who area unit totally different from them.

An analysis conducted by Choi and Yangtze Kiang it had been noted that globalization and technology’s effect on communication and business structure culture directly impacts the attitudes and motivation of staff towards innovation.

The researchers knew 3 structure factors of management support, resource availableness, and support for learning as key enablers for innovation. All 3 factors were found to be considerably related to implementation, however; solely management support was firm to be a big predictor of innovation.



This analysis supports the conclusion that globalization and technology affect communication and business once the staff area unit is totally engaged within the method of innovation success is a lot doubtless to be achieved. Organizations should have in situ procedures that encourage innovation throughout the whole company. each worker should feel unconditional within the company and frequently seeking ways in which to enhance processes.

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