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Why should not you plan your wedding save the date? Most of you will probably say, because you do not know how to create one, and what if you do it wrong. Here, I will only say one thing, what if it turns out to be one of the most memorable times of your wedding preps? 

Wedding save the dates needs to reflect what you feel about your wedding. many people do not realize it, but let us just imagine that someone has sent you a very well-decorated and designed wedding card, what will you feel after receiving that card? Of course, it will instill a feeling of festivity in you. The same will happen if you get to design your wedding card. It is necessary to show your emotion through that card. 

One thing that you must keep in mind that when you are determined to design your wedding card, is the feeling you want to express. If you want everyone to discern what you feel, then an exciting vibrant card will be better. However, you wish to have a sophisticated look, then only work on the fonts. 

In this article, we will guide you on how to create customized wedding cards. It is pretty simple, all you need to do is stay focused, and choose the right tools/software for the wedding save the dates. 

Choose the right software 

The first and foremost thing is the software. You can use Canva or any other of its kind. Currently, the best one is the Canva. If you wish to have a formal look, or wish to add any picture to it then adobe can be of great help. 

Whether you wish to have a printed save the dates, or have the magnet save the dates, in every way designing the save the dates on software is necessary so you cannot skip it. 

The design you want 

For this, you will need to buy some art supplies. These art supplies would be used to draw designs for your wedding invitations. Drawing these on paper will help you have a clear idea about what you wish for. 

Make some notes, about the style of the wedding card. You should work with some of your friends, and search for some contemporary ideas too. So that you can have the best wedding cards. 

The best papers 

You cannot have the regular papers for the wedding invitations. It will need some thick cardboard-like paper. You must search for the best paper in the nearby shops. You must contact the book publishers too; they can help you with these papers. 

Choose the best print shop 

Now, the next thing you need to do is find a reliable print shop. It must offer you discounts. Do not go to any random print shop, who has only printed books and papers so far. They might not have the exact software to print the wedding cards. You need to find out the best printers, who have already worked in this field. 

Edit the templates 

You need to work on the templates. Templates are the best thing for a layman, who does not know anything about designing. You can add a few more things to the template as per your wish. It would be very simple. 

Make drafts 

You must not stick to a single template. Instead, you should make a few drafts, and then select the best ones. These drafts must have different colors, themes, and designs. Having the same drafts will only make your choice narrower and mundane. 

The right size 

You cannot have a smaller card, nor should a wedding card be extremely big. You must check different cards, probably available at your house, and measure their size. However, for customization purposes, you can have different sizes too, for example, if you wish to have your pictures on the card. Then the front page of the wedding card must have extra space. Otherwise, it will look messy and untidy. 

The right color pallet 

When designing a wedding card, colors are pretty important. No matter what design you have, if the color combination is not a fine one. Then it will look very average. You should think about your favorite colors, or matching the wedding card colors with your dresses will also feel cool. 

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