CSGO Esport – Live score, streaming, match schedule

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CSGO Esport

CSGO Esport activity started in 2012, and since then, tournaments are being held worldwide. Esports teams compete for prize money and position themselves as a part of the top-tier scene. The first CS: GO league was hosted by ESEA League, allowing only North American players to participate. Since 2013, many other leagues have been established, and the prize pools got bigger every year. Today, CS: GO Esport is a big industry that brings over $1 million per year, with top teams receiving salaries of up to $300 thousand a year. The most prestigious leagues in CS: GO are ELeague Major in Atlanta, ESL Pro League in Dallas, and Faceit Esports Championship in Milan. ELeague Major is currently underway in early 2017, and the prize pool is half a million dollars.

Where We Can Stream CSGO Esport:-

Most of the CS: GO Esport tournaments are streamed online for free, but there are also big sports arenas that host events. The most prestigious esports arenas are Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center in New York, Wintrust Arena in Chicago, Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, and United Centre in Toronto. Esports is growing fast, occupying its own niche in the industry and gradually becoming recognized as a sport. Many universities and colleges offer esports scholarships for talented players, and prize money continues to increase every year.

What are the Schedules of CSGO Esport:-

The schedule of CS: GO tournaments are mostly found on the official websites of leagues and other organizations those host events. ESL Pro League has its own website where you can find all the information about schedules, rules, and rankings. All CS: GO Esport games are streamed with commentary in several languages, mostly English and Russian. You can watch all esports streams free on Twitch, Hitbox, or other websites that host live broadcasts. Those who want live updates of current programs can follow ESL Pro League social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.


The popularity of esports is increasing every year. CS: GO teams are becoming more organized and joining leagues, following the example of traditional sports clubs. In CS: GO Esport, it’s no longer a question if this industry has a future, but how big it will become.

Taking About CSGO Esport Top Teams:-

The best and most reputable CS: GO teams are SK Gaming, G2 Esports, and Astralis. All of these teams have proven themselves multiple times by winning prestigious tournaments. Team Liquid and Na’Vi also belong to the group of top CS: GO squads that always perform well as expected. Today, there is a large number of professional esports teams that compete in different leagues and tournaments. Smaller teams can participate in open technic and then try to qualify for the closed-circuit, where they will be able to fight against the best teams in the world. All these competitions bring great esports entertainment and great moments of joy and excitement.

CS: GO Esport is growing rapidly as a part of the mainstream industry, and it will continue to bring tremendous prize pools and viewership numbers. Even those who do not play CS: GO can now enjoy watching the best gamers compete for excellence.

Few More Facts Regarding CSGO Esports:-

  • CSGO: is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. Being the fourth game in the main CSGO Esports franchise.
  • The goal of each player is to kill enemy players or destroy enemy equipment.
  • The player can choose between playing as Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, with the goal of either defusing or detonating a bomb or killing the entire opposing team.
  • CS: GO Esport competition is ESL Pro League for Europe and North American divisions. ELeague Major in Atlanta, ESL Pro League in Dallas, and Faceit Esports Championship in Milan are the best events with prize pools over $1 million.

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