How to handle Anxiety and Panic Attacks and live a fulfilling life?

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handle Anxiety and Panic Attacks

handle Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a condition that makes us believe that we are in some danger, even when we are perfectly safe. It makes us feel vulnerable to all types of natural and imaginary threats globally; some people have it so bad that they cannot even go through their daily tasks such as bathing or eating normally.

But mental health is being prioritized more now, given the various research done to improve people of different age groups’ mental health.

Earlier, there was so much confusion, stigma, and judgment associated with mental health conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks, which were either thought to be heart attacks or even some sort of worldly possessions.

But now, people have become more aware of conditions such as anxiety and its various treatments, which offered in multiple forms such as counseling, breathing exercises, medications such as Etizolam, and relaxing activities such as coloring or gardening. 

The treatments and the activities meant to empower the person suffering from anxiety and enable him to lead a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Apart from seeking the various treatments, there are a few things that a person can do to handle their anxiety. Learn to recognize their anxiety or panic attack triggers, and be ready if a panic attack happens so that they can deal with it effectively.

One of the most critical and low-cost ways to deal with anxiety and panic attacks is to have an adequate amount of physical activities in your life and invest time in activities or techniques that promote deep breathing.

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We are well aware that anxiety symptoms often include shortness of breath, a sudden and unaccounted spike in the heart rate, and even chest pain, and sleep shortness. These symptoms are closely related to breathing and your heart.

Physical activities such as exercises, walking and running, playing a sport or yoga, and dancing promote a robust cardiovascular system so that your symptoms improve and their severity reduced. 

Physical activities also tend to promote better blood circulation in the body and accelerate and induce the production of dopamine and serotonin in the body, which increases the level of your happiness and enhances the pleasure that you derive from doing things that you love doing.

Exercises also help in lowering down your resting heart rate. A low resting heart rate (50-70 bpm) is suitable for keeping anxiety under control, and the lower your heart rate is, the more relaxed you feel and vice versa.

There are various ways to promote the relaxation of your body and your raging thoughts that often go into your mind. Most people who buy Etizolam for treating their anxiety say that they feel very relaxed after taking the medication. Thus we can indeed say that reaching a calm and open state of mind will reflect on a clear body language.

Various activities suggested keeping boiling emotions under check and keeping the mind safe from wandering into thoughts of imaginary threats, such as journaling and talking your feelings out to people who are listing.

Often a person starts feeling alone and anxious when they keep too many things bottled up inside them without sharing with anyone about their thoughts or feelings. Counseling and talk therapies prove especially effective and beneficial for such people; regular journals may also help people who feel safer in expressing themselves in writing rather than talking about their feelings or sharing their thoughts with another person.

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As every person has their own set of beliefs, presumptions, and personalities, their anxiety cues, and panic attack triggers are also drastically different. Some people thrive in group settings, while some may feel overexposed in a group. Some people may need activities such as writing things down or listening to music, while others may choose to draw or sing. Some people feel better after a hug, or holding hands with their loved ones can make them feel safe and protected, while others may need to have an adequate amount of personal space even when among their friends or family members.

No one thing suits all approaches for treating anxiety, but doing activities that give you a sense of peace and relaxation such as medication, or eating nourishing food is recommended for everyone.

If you want to manage your anxiety better, please select a few activities, experiment, and see what works best for you as what works for you may turn out a failure for others, or what brings quick results for someone else may not be effective for you. 

Suppose you have been prescribed medications for your condition, such as Etilaam and Etizest. In that case, you can buy them at affordable prices from and continue incorporating various activities in your daily routine for feeling relaxed and in control.

When you pick activities for yourself, do not pick too many at once or pick the most difficult ones at first; go with something easy, doable suitable such as taking a bath and dressing up for a day for every morning, or going out a short walk around. Nothing too big or scary but nothing too small and insignificant either.

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Don’t hesitate to ask for help if and when you need it, or with up activities, if you want to. The idea behind trying to use different activities to be relaxed, composed, and in control is to allow you to enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling life even if you are seeking treatment for anxiety and in the process of overcoming it with the help of counseling and medications. 

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