A complete overview of gas turbine services 

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A complete overview of gas turbine services

While there are many ways one can generate electricity, gas turbines are the most popular way. They have almost zero wastage and comes with a lot of efficiencies. Power plants that use gas turbines in their plant houses suffer no wastage of fuels either. That is why in 2017, there were around 537order for gas turbines. When the turbines process the energy, it leaves some of the material behind. This can be used again under the same process. Gas turbine services are used to make this process more easy-going and better functioning. So that the potential of the turbine is always optimum and does not hamper the business. 

What are gas turbines?  

The mechanism under which gas turbines work is called the Brayton cycle. This involves changing chemical energy into mechanical energy and then electrical energy. The fuel inside the turbine is treated with a lot of heat and pressure. These turbines contain valves on the outside. From there, the inside component is treated with fossil fuels or natural gas. 

Common problems of gas turbines 

Just like any other mechanical device, gas turbines also tend to give problems. That is why you should always make sure that you regularly run an inspection. It will bring your attention to many such problems that may turn bigger if gone untreated.  Here are some of the common problems that you will encounter if you have gas turbines working for you: 

Fuel consumption– when you see that the quantity of the fossil fuel through the valves is required even more. That is when you know that something is wrong. You will have emissions under control with proper services, and the turbine will be as good as new. 

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Blades– in gas turbines, some of the major residues potentially corrode the material. These are sulphur, vanadium, lead, and nickel-like substances. These elements cause a lot of corrosion over the blades and hence cause them to break. This can get harmful to the business since a lot of the electricity generation is dependent upon the blades. 

Carbon dioxide – many experts suggest that one major problem that they have suffered from is the low emission of carbon dioxide. They cause the burning of the fuel less than usual. Hence the fuel inside the turbine is not burning properly, which will leave a lot of residues. To take care of this problem, the fuel needs to be recycled more than twice or thrice. 

Components– one of the basic problems that many turbine owners have, is breakage. This may be with the pipes or the valves of the turbine. Hence the gas will find a way out and react with the outside air, which is not good for the health. 

Why should you opt for gas turbine services?

There are many companies that are dedicated to training and educating their staff on gas turbines. A lot of power plant operators like to conduct the business without running inspections on their own. The sole reason is that turbine service companies do an exceptional job on their own. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why: 

Long life of a gas turbine 

Companies send in their best people for the inspection of the problems and complaints. They also look into some other things that may be out of place. Therefore, you immediately recognize the turbine problems; hence, you are caring for the next time. Either they readily fix it, or they leave you with some tips. This increases the longevity of the turbines and helps you stay clear of any abnormalities in the future. 

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Rotor blades health 

Rotor blades are one of the first things that get damaged. The space between two blades is replaced with them touching and causing friction. Moreover, the by-products of the fuel in the turbines are also responsible for the blades to corrode. Gas turbine service companies are experts in these matters. Therefore, to not hamper your work, they either provide some kind of insulation or change the blades altogether before it is too late.  

Avoiding any fatality 

Turbines are not self-operating and need people to conduct the business of putting fuel through the valves. This requires the operators to come in close contact with the turbines. Should any component or part is out of place or have a screw loose, it can make things worse. Turbine services are provided to check on any broken parts that could be potentially harmful. According to studies, 2.82% of people die from gas turbine accidents. 


Gas turbines are, in fact, quite fragile if you do not maintain them. That is why it is advised to run a quick inspection around the insides and the exterior. Check if the turbine casing is balanced and if there is any screw coming loose. If you find anything out of the ordinary, it is best to call the professionals and get it checked out. 


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