Advantages and disadvantages of the high bed, popular options

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Advantages and disadvantages of the high bed, popular options

Advantages and disadvantages of the high bed, popular options

Today, more attention has been paid to interior design in private homes and apartments. It is important to combine all the design elements, including the furniture. One of these elements is a high bed, which should fit inside and contribute to a good night’s sleep. Who will fit the tall plan? What are the options for single-leaf and two-story bed models? This will be discussed in this article.


High is considered a position whose height is at least 80 cm. There are several categories of people who need it:

  • The elderly – due to age, may have poor health, it is difficult for them to sit and get up from low surfaces. And since resting in old age is needed both at night and during the day, it often becomes difficult to lie down on a low bed.
  • People who are sensitive to currents – the cold air is down and the beds above the floor will be a good solution for this segment of the population.
  • Owners of small rooms – bedrooms can also function as cabinets or drawers. It is so convenient to store clothes and other items. If you place the tall boxes in the middle of the room, they fill the hallways and reduce the space in the room. Therefore, for small bedrooms, low beds or high beds located in the corners or under the wall are best suited.

When choosing furniture, it is worth remembering that their length should be at least 10 cm greater than the height of the person sleeping on it. This will contribute to good rest during sleep. High objects add affection to the room, so other design elements should match the adjustable bar. The most common sizes are 160x200x80.

If the high bed is intended for a child or teenager, it is worth considering that it will grow, so you should make a margin in the length. The width of the teenage beds is from 90 to 120 cm, the length usually ranges from 180 to 205.

Recently, orthopedic mattresses have been used frequently. If you decide to put a mattress on top of the bed you are buying, its size is also worth considering. When choosing a mattress you should consider its characteristics. There are models of different stiffnesses:

  • Soft;
  • Medium hardness?
  • Hard.

Demand is a choice of medium hardness. Soft mattresses are not recommended for children, adolescents and people with full physique, as they can lead to posture problems and scoliosis. Some people prefer hard mattresses, but they can cause circulatory problems and cause discomfort during sleep. Not recommended for use by the elderly. If there are back problems, then you should use an orthopedic mattress. It has a different degree of rigidity in different areas, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the spine and gives the body the opportunity to really relax at night.

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A high bed is differently equipped. For example, the space under the mattress can be filled with drawers or shelves. Beds can be made high with a mattress or higher on the legs. So under the bed there will be a large space. This will make cleaning easy. Finding a top model on foot in catalogs or specialty stores is not easy. Therefore, if you want to have a sleeping area on a hill without boxes, it is better to contact a carpentry workshop. They can work on ready-made furniture or make it to order. This will create the most comfortable bed.


The main advantage of the structures of a background is the ability to rationally use the space under the mattress. Bunk beds provide extra storage space for blankets, pillows, bedding, clothes, books and more.


They are not wide (900x980x2050 mm), so they often have boxes on one side only. In addition to the boxes, one floor options can be delivered with shelves. It is convenient to keep books there, especially those that are read at bedtime. On a shelf in the head area, it is convenient to place the phone. They are not going to take out the gadget, they will not get out of bed and they will be easily accessible. There are options where shelves and drawers are combined. Depending on the model, you can choose options with a width of 80-120 cm, length 190-205 cm. The height will depend on the type of head, on average it is 60-150 cm.

If the space in the room is catastrophically small, you can use a very high bed and climb on the shelves. The parameters of such a product differ from one manufacturer to another, but on average it is 1200x2000x2000 mm (WxDxH). This is not only an extra place to store things, but also a complete do-it-yourselfer. It is clear that it is not realistic for older people to get into such a bed, but for students it is a great choice. Children will be able to store school supplies there. Well, getting into a bed is not difficult for a child. If there is not so much space in the room, you can choose a product with a smaller width, for example, 80-100 cm.


If we are talking about double beds, then there is more space under them under the single beds. the mattress can be lifted, then the area under the bed is only available when they are not in bed, which is often annoying. you store clothes there, then the one who gets out of bed first will not be able to get to things until the second one gets up.

If the room area is small and you plan to store the items under the bed, it is best to use a drawer and drawers. This will help you sort things out, instead of storing them together. It is convenient to have drawers for things on both sides and small shelves on the leg. The number and size of shelves may vary depending on the model. Shelves can be quite at the same height, they can be deep. The dimensions of such models are about 1100x1645x2040 mm. If necessary, you can buy a more compact version with a width of 1400-1600 mm, length up to 2000 mm.

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Bunk beds are often used in homes or apartments where two or more children live. The younger generation should live in a room with siblings. The area of ​​the children’s room is often small, so the choice with a bunk bed is quite optimal. The standard sizes for bunk beds are 203 cm x 90 cm x 190 cm (LxWxH). But if this width is not enough, you can choose a model with dimensions 200-205 x 100-110 x 190-200 cm. For older children it will not be difficult to climb and get the top position. For teenagers, this is still romance and the opportunity to retire, living in a room with a brother or sister.

There are many other benefits to using bunk beds:

  • Significant room space savings.
  • The opportunity to save in sleeping areas, because the cost of two beds is greater than the cost of a bunk bed.
  • The youngest child from childhood is used to being the only one, because the older one is constantly growing up and down.
  • A staircase to the second floor will become not only a way to go to bed, but also a place for toys. The children happily climb up and run on it. The main thing is to ensure that the steps are wide enough and safe.

Tank structures can be created based on an existing bed, which will greatly simplify the task for parents with the arrival of a second child.

Fall protection is unstable, removed during the day and installed before bedtime. The fence is different:
  • Soft – this is practical when children are playing on the top shelf. In order not to hit, it is better to build the fence.
  • Solids – made of metal, plastic or wood. The level of protection can vary depending on the design of the bed, the age of the child and other factors.

The first floor in a two-story structure is sometimes not a bed, but an office, where the child will be able to do the work. This solves the problem of the area in the room for the son or daughter. It is better to place a bed with a table closer to the window, so that natural light falls on the table. Since the length of the bed is often less than the length of the desk, in the first tier, the nightstand or drawer may fit well. You can use them in different ways, for example, for:

  • Textbooks and school notebooks.
  • Games?
  • Clothes;
  • Bed linen.
If the table and the nightstands are in a different place, on the ground floor you can arrange a toy hut. Bunk beds also have disadvantages:
  • In rooms with low ceilings, being on the second floor is not convenient;
  • The heavy weight of the structure makes it difficult to transport and move. If you want to make frequent changes, it will not be easy to do with a bunk bed.
  • Changing bed linen on the second floor is not easy.
  • When children are very young, placing them on the second floor is not a good idea.
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It is convenient when you can adjust the height of the second tier. It is important to be able to sit quietly on the first and second floors without resting your head on the top shelf or ceiling. The bed must be reliable and durable. It is important to consider that children are growing and gaining weight. As a material for a two-level structure, it is better to choose a tree. It is environmentally friendly, does not cause allergies and is accessible to different sections of the population.


There are many different styles for decorating beds with storage systems. Here are some notable choices.

  • A bed on a pedestal with a storage system under the bed and shelves that block the bed from the rest of the room will be very practical. Having taken steps from the shelves and covered them with a rug or softcover, you can easily climb on the bed and have enough space to store the various things. Typically, the height of the pedestal is 50 cm and the height of the mattress depends on the selected model. The classic size of a single is 90-120 x 195-205 x 35-45 cm.
  • The bed with the apartments for baskets (160x200x100 cm.) In Mediterranean style looks very nice. Dark brown wicker baskets with a background of snowy furniture will become a real interior decoration.
  • Having 4-6 drawers arranged in two rows on each side of the bed and shelves above the bed at the head of the bed is a great idea. This bed looks impressive and very practical. With a bed height of 95 cm, the drawers will be able to replace a nightstand or chest of drawers, which are often located near the bed. And this does not completely lose the area of ​​в. В. The room. In size, such beds are wide – 120-200 cm, length 195-205 cm;
  • A wardrobe under the bed is an interesting idea. Depending on the thickness of the mattress, the height of such a bed is about 85-90 cm. The width depends on the model and ranges between 100-180 cm, the normal length is 195-200 cm. Things are stored folded and on hangers. Of course, this does not apply to long dresses, but blouses and shirts will be able to fit in a hanging form. You can enter the closet by lifting the bed and opening the door. In the closet, you can not only hang things but also put them on the shelves. This idea is suitable for small rooms. Of course, an Italian wardrobe bed is quite expensive, however, if you need to equip a small area, this option is preferable.

As you can see, there are different models of high beds, with and without storage systems. They are practical and can save a lot of space in the room. Choosing a suitable design, you need to analyze how many drawers and shelves are needed, do you need a bed with a lifting mechanism or will there be several retractable structures. So you can choose the best option for a bed for a room.

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