Double Door Refrigerator – Guide to Energy Consumption

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Double Door Refrigerator

Double Door Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a common home appliance that can be found in every household. They are considered in the category of big appliances, meaning they consume a lot of power. On average, a double door fridge adds up to 15% of monthly electricity bills. However, technological advancements have resulted in high energy-efficient refrigerators that may lower power use by 10 to 30%. The BEE Star Rating marking on a refrigerator indicates its efficiency. Aside from the rating, you can reduce their power usage by adopting energy-saving practices.


There are certain things you can do to reduce the energy usage of your double door fridge. The brief guide to energy consumption listed below will give you an in-depth insight into the same. 


Purchasing a double door fridge with an Inverter technology 


The initial cost of a double door fridge with Inverter technology is high. But, you can compensate for this in your electricity bills. Inverter technology is based on the idea that a compressor requires more energy to start. Thus, the compressor never switches off. Even after temperatures have stabilized, it continues to run at a slow speed. Studies revealed that a double door fridge with Inverter technology is 22% more energy-efficient than an automatic defrosting double door fridge.


Purchasing a double door refrigerator with inverter technology will render an optimized working mechanism. It balances the voltage fluctuation in a perfect manner to offer the best and smooth power supply to the fridge. Without any drops in supply, the performance of the fridge will be higher. If you are looking for the best double door fridge on EMI, you can easily purchase one at Zero Down Payment from the Bajaj Mall.

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BEE Star Rating of 4 or above


The BEE Star Rating sticker contains information about the refrigerator such as annual power consumption, category, brand name, and other information. 5 stars signify the power consumption rating. The number of colored stars indicates the refrigerator’s power efficiency. All refrigerators are labeled with a BEE Star Rating to demonstrate their energy efficiency. 


The Indian government has approved the BEE Star Rating, which is a standard system for representing the power consumption of electrical appliances. The BEE Star Rating scales refrigerator energy efficiency from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. A double door fridge with a rating of 4 or above is more power-efficient, even if it is a bit pricey.

Choosing to buy a 5 star or 4 stars rated fridge will help you save a lot of energy. The optimized power saving mechanism will also help lower your electricity charges. So, you do not have to worry about the huge electricity bill when deciding to opt for a double door refrigerator. 


Activate Energy Saving Mode


The latest double door fridge has an energy-saving mode to help reduce power usage. When you enable the mode, the rotor heater is turned off. Energy-saving mode reduces power consumption by automatically switching off both the circulation of modules and the ice maker when the compressor is not running. 


In order to maintain cooling, the refrigerator turns on and off the compressor and the rotor at the same time as the compressor cycles on and offs as per the fridge setting. Enabling this mode can be done according to the requirements of the user. Make sure you read your fridge manual before doing it. 

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Proper Maintenance


Proper maintenance ensures that your refrigerator’s efficiency does not decrease. Furthermore, it extends the life of the appliance. If you are not going to use your refrigerator for a long period of time, remove all food items and turn it off. Keep the door open as well. Do not allow ice to build in your freezer. A two-millimeter increase in ice length reduces efficiency by 10%. It is beneficial to defrost your freezer at least once a year. It is also very important to keep your refrigerator neat and tidy to avoid odors. 


Place your refrigerator the right way


Install your refrigerator in a cool place, which is away from direct sunlight. Keep any heat-producing appliances, such as an oven or heater, away from your refrigerator. If you do so, it will reduce efficiency.


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