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The real estate panel: a communication tool not to be overlooked!

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Since time immemorial, the real estate panel has aimed to attract those looking to buy or rent. “For sale,” “For rent,” even “Under construction”: these are the messages that are most often found there.

However, with the rise of the web, professionals tend to abandon the real estate agency panel in favor of digital communication media. Ads are posted online; exchanges are made by emails or instant messages, and buyers no longer see properties for sale on the street; they log into Google. Why on earth would we waste more time and energy hanging a sign from the balcony of a building?

In reality, this traditional signage is an effective communication tool, as long as it is used well.

Even more: it is a powerful marketing lever, not only to capture potential buyers but also as part of a seller acquisition strategy.

Are you surprised? Wondering how this good ‘sign can help you communicate better? We explain it to you.


The many virtues of the real estate agency sign

Because you are used to using the real estate agency sign exclusively to improve the visibility of your properties for sale, you are not aware of all the advantages that this temporary signage can bring to your character. Let’s start with the most apparent virtue – highlighting housing – and gradually move towards more surprising assets.

A lever for prospecting for buyers

This is the first utility of the real estate panel. You know it inside out: attracting candidates’ attention as part of your prospecting for buyers.

The real estate agency panel increases the visibility of properties managed by your brand by indicating their current or future availability ( for sale, for rent, under construction ). This way, passers-by can spot apartments or houses that have been put on the market.

For your agency, it is, therefore, a tool for direct communication with buyers. They identify properties that might be of interest to them and take the initiative to contact you.

A tool to help “sort” buyers

One of the significant advantages of a real estate agency sign is its layout: it is attached to the property concerned.

Result? Passers-by who contact your agency has taken into account:

  • The type of real estate in question (house or apartment),
  • The exterior condition of the building,
  • The location of the property.

This means that these prospects, when they call you or send you an email, are interested in these points, which constitute essential decision-making parameters.

If, in addition, you invited them (via your real estate panel) to discover the advertisement and the photos of the property on your website, you can be sure that you have come a large part of the way.

A lever to increase the visibility of your brand (and its notoriety)

We begin to enter the territory of the lesser-known advantages of the real estate agency panel. Namely: improving visibility and notoriety.

  •  Visibility of your sign is ensured by a panel that also serves as an advertising display. As soon as it indicates the name of your brand, it sends a message to passers-by, which would say something like: “Our agency exists, and if you come to discover it? “. If, in addition, you include the URL of your agency website, you de facto increase your digital visibility (this will generate additional traffic).
  • The notoriety of your brand is boosted by the shape of the real estate sign. By “shape,” we mean all the visual elements it gives to passers-by: logo, colors, typography, images, etc. (everything that makes up your graphic charter ). You can use these elements for marketing your agency (visually) and gain notoriety in your industry.

A local communication tool

We must never forget that a real estate agent is, above all, a local business and that in this, it must prioritize communication at the local level.

The real estate agency panel is a local communication tool that relies on the proximity between the brand and those who discover it.

Indeed, the visibility generated by a real estate sign is 100% local, this signage being seen exclusively by passers-by.

For you, as an agency, it is also a way of designating your catchment area (your “territory”) and of highlighting your presence in a given district. In doing so, you remind your prospects – even those who have no intention of buying – that your brand exists and that it “rules” over that specific area.

This brings us to the last advantage, and not the least.

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A vendor acquisition lever

Yes, a real estate agency panel can also become a powerful lever for acquiring sales leads and allowing you to take on mandates.

It should be understood that by placing signs on the real estate that you have in the catalog, you also draw the attention of owners (sellers or future sellers) to …

  • Your existence as a real estate agency,
  • Your promotion methods,
  • Your transactional successes (mainly through the “Sold” sign displayed on a property after the transaction has been completed).

In doing so, a future seller may discover your brand’s existence (which he was unaware of until then). Notice that you are doing your job of enhancing property and find that you have managed to sell such a property. Therefore, he is likely to memorize your brand name, and why not, to entrust you with a sales project one day or another.

This makes the real estate agency panel an essential prospecting tool, even in the age of the web!

Some tips for making an attractive and efficient real estate sign

To allow you to take advantage of these advantages, your real estate panel must, however, respect a few simple formatting rules.

It is strongly recommended to:

  1. Promote distance visibility (sufficiently large font size, not too dark colors, etc.);
  2. Apply your graphic charter so that your sign is immediately recognizable on the symbol.
  3. prospect to recognize your agency when he sees it);
  4. Indicate the contact details of your agency visibly;
  5. Choose an original shape that will attract attention, beyond the classic rectangle: a circle, a house, etc. ;
  6. Humanize your sign, for example, by illustrating it with the photo of the negotiator in charge of the property in question.
  7. These are the keys to creating real estate agency sign that is both attractive to passers-by and effective for prospects (buyers AND sellers!).

Legal obligations to be respected for the display of advertising panels

To conclude on the subject of the real estate agency sign, do not forget that this type of signage is assimilated into advertising display. For this reason, it is subject to compliance with a certain number of obligations.

The rules imposed about display advertising are both national and local. As a handy reminder, you can consult this document online by the government. Still, it remains essential to contact your town hall to determine local regulations and the conditions to be fulfilled to suspend a real estate sign.

Likewise, condominiums have their own posting rules. It is generally necessary to obtain the agreement of the property manager to be able to affix a sign of this type to the facade of the building.

So, ready to give the real estate agency board all its chances?

Or are you one of those professionals who have always believed in the potential of the real estate panel?

Dear reader, give us your opinion in the comments section!

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