Abreva cream (Docosanol)

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abreva cream

abreva cream

Abreva cream( also known as Docosanol ) is a professionally prescribed medication used to treat Cold Sores/Fever Blister indications. Abreva might be utilized alone or with different drugs.

Abreva has a place with a class of medications called Antivirals, Topical.

It isn’t known whether Abreva is protected and viable in kids more youthful than 12 years old.


Docosanol is used to treat “mouth blisters/fever rankles” (herpes labialis). It can accelerate mending of the bruises and decline indications (like shivering, torment, consuming, tingling). It works by hindering the infection that causes the mouth blisters (herpes simplex) to enter the solid skin cells and fill in the number. This drug doesn’t fix herpes and doesn’t forestall passing the disease to another person. It doesn’t forestall a future occurrence. Do not utilize this medicine to treat blister (injuries discovered regularly in the mouth), shingles, or genital herpes.

Instructions to utilize Abreva Cream

Utilize Abreva cream at the main indications of a mouth blister (like shivering, consuming, redness, or a knock). Perfect and dry the influenced regions. Apply a light layer of the medicine to cover the mouth blister’s territory or the zone of shivering/tingling/redness/growing and focus on tenderly, typically five times each day each 3-4 hours or as coordinated by your PCP. Wash hands with cleanser and water after applying. If you have any inquiries, ask your PCP or drug specialist.

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Apply to skin as it were. Try not to apply for this medicine in or close to the eyes since this prescription can disturb the eyes on the off chance that you do get medicine in your eyes, flush with a lot of water. Not to apply inside mouth or nose.

Eliminate any beautifying agents from the influenced territory before applying. However, you may use makeup after applying; however, utilize a different utensil (for example, a dispensable q-tip) on contaminated parts to forestall spreading the disease on the off chance that you inadvertently clear off the medicine reapply at the earliest opportunity.

Measurements depend on your ailment, kind of contamination, and reaction to treatment. Not to utilize medication more regularly or for more than coordinated.

This medicine works best when measure of medication consumed by the skin stays at a consistent level. Hence, utilize this medication at equitably separated spans. To help you recollect, use it on similar occasions every day.

Mouth blisters (herpes) can spread without any problem. Docosanol doesn’t forestall the spread of herpes. Maintain a strategic distance from actual close contact with others (like kissing) during an episode until the mouth blisters have recuperated. Likewise, make an effort not to contact the mouth blister, and wash your hands on the off chance you get the mouth blister.

Quit utilizing this prescription and tell your primary care physician if your mouth blisters decline or persevere for over ten days.

What are the possible results of Abreva cream?

Abreva may cause actual results including:

  • mouth blister deteriorates isn’t mended inside ten days,
  • rash,
  • tingling,
  • expanding of the face, tongue, or sore throat,
  • extreme wooziness, and cold
  • inconvenience relaxing
  • Move clinical assistance instantly if you have any of the indications recorded previously.
  • The most well-known symptoms of Abreva include:
  • skin tingling,
  • rash, and
  • tingling where the medication is applied
  • Tell the specialist if you have any result that disturbs you, or that doesn’t disappear.
  • These are not every one of the possible results of Abreva. For more information, ask your PCP or drug specialist.
  • Call your PCP for clinical counsel about results.
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Signs and Dosage


  • Mouth blister/fever rankle treatment.
  • Employments
  • treats mouth blisters/fever rankles on the face or lips
  • abbreviates mending time and length of manifestations:
  • shivering, agony, consuming, or potentially tingling


  • grown-ups and kids 12 years or over:
  • wash hands when applying cream
  • Apply to an influenced region on the face or lips whenever there’s any hint of mouth blister/fever rankle (shiver).
  • the early treatment guarantees the best outcomes
  • focus on tenderly yet totally
  • utilize five times each day until mended
  • kids under 12 years ask a specialist


Measurements Forms And Strengths

  • Item: 50090-3476
  • NDC: 50090-3476-0 2 g in a TUBE
  • Capacity
  • store at 20°-25°C (68°-77°F)
  • try not to freeze
  • Circulated for Avanir Pharmaceuticals by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, L.P. Moon Twp, PA 15108. Modified: Jun 2018


  • For outside utilize as it were
  • Try not to utilize
    if you are susceptible to fixing this item
  • When utilizing this item
  • apply just too influenced zones
  • try not to use in or close to the eyes
  • try not to apply straightforwardly inside your mouth
  • Try not to impart this item to anybody. This may spread contamination.
  • Stop utilize and inquire as to whether
  • your mouth blister deteriorates, or the mouth blister isn’t mended inside ten days
  • Keep far from kids.
  • Whenever gulped, get clinical assistance or contact a toxin control middle immediately.

Safety measures

An expected one-in-five Americans are influenced by mouth blisters every year. A great many people who experience them get a few mouth blister episodes every year. Not long previously and during a flare-up, the mouth blister.

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The disease can be effectively given to other people. It is particularly critical to know about early notice signs that a mouth blister is coming and to make sure to stay away from actual close contact when you have one.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The mouth blister infection brings about a rankle or group of rankles around your mouth. After the mouth blister has mended, the disease stays torpid in your body; however can be reactivated by ordinary triggers like pressure,

daylight, outrageous sweltering or chilly climate, colds and influenza, absence of rest, or feminine cycle.

The Sooner, the Better

A regular mouth blister flare-up can keep going up to seven to ten days. The sooner you start utilizing ABREVA; the more viable the medication will be. So for best outcomes, use ABREVA at the very beginning.

When you feel the principal indication of the shiver, redness, knock, or tingle of the mouth, blister.

ABREVA is unique in relation to other over-the-counter mouth blister items. Just ABREVA contains 10% docosanol, which helps shorten the mending season of mouth blisters and the term manifestations.

Counting shivering, agony, tingling, and consuming.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How is ABREVA unique as compared to the absurd mouth blister cures I have effectively been utilizing?

Abreva is the solitary FDA affirmed non-solution mouth

blister medication that can abbreviate mending time and the span of side effects. The sooner you begin utilizing ABREVA, the sooner you can start.

Mending your mouth blister.

Who can utilize ABREVA (Docosanol) cream?

Grown-ups and kids 12 years and over can utilize ABREVA.

How frequently would I be able to apply ABREVA cream?

ABREVA ought to be utilized five times each day until the mouth blister is mended. Apply it straightforwardly to the mouth blister whenever there’s any hint of a shiver, redness, knock or tingle for best outcomes.

Would I be able to apply beautifying agents on top of ABREVA?

Indeed, beautifiers, for example, lipstick, might be applied over ABREVA. In any case, utilize a different instrument, similar to a q-tip, to use beautifiers over an unhealed mouth blister to try not to spread the contamination. For best outcomes, eliminate any beautifiers preceding applying ABREVA.

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